Roll Line Giotto

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The Giotto wheels are designed for competition-level roller skating, and are the most popular Roll-Line© wheels.

  • Monocoque wheels produced via injection of a mix of thermoplastic polymer materials.
  • Provide an optimal compromise between grip and roll, thanks to their tapered profile.
  • The rounded finish allows for use in competitions with a minimal adjustment time.
  • Brilliant and elegant chrome coverage.
  • Available in five hardnesses (colors) and two diameters: 57mm and 55mm
  • Available in sets of 8 wheels (It is at the discretion of each reseller to sell units in smaller quantities).
Roll-Line does not sell directly to the public; to complete your purchase, please refer to an official reseller.


57 - 55mm




47 / 49 / 53 / 57 / 60 Shore D


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