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Discover the CCM Tacks AS6 PRO!

The CCM Tacks AS6 PRO, a ground-breaking hockey stick designed to transform your game. Now available at, this state-of-the-art stick is here to redefine what you expect from your hockey stick.

Experience Groundbreaking Technology
With the first use of the patented Helicoid Layup technology, Tacks AS6 PRO has set a new standard for blade construction. This advanced technology offers superior blade durability and maintains longer "pop", ensuring every shot and pass is full of life, game after game.

Lightweight meets Balance
CCM continues to push the boundaries with its Nanolite Shield Technology, making Tacks AS6 PRO not only lighter but also better balanced than its predecessors. The result? A stick that sits naturally in the hand, improving your grip and offering unparalleled control.

Enhanced slapshots and snappy wrist shots
Every part of the CCM Tacks AS6 PRO is designed to enhance your performance on the ice. Expect stronger shots and more powerful guides thanks to the improved power transfer from stick to puck. And with the sustained power, you'll be able to rely on your stick for longer than ever.

Kick Point: Modern Mid-Kick point. With a new shaft geometry that provides a comfortable grip and easy loading.


SR: 95 flex, 173.6 cm

SR: 85 to 70 flex, 168.5 cm

Int: 65 flex, 161.5 cm

Int: 55 flex, 156.5 cm

JR: 50 flex, 152 cm

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