Risport RF3 Pro LADY C

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De RF3 Pro is geschikt voor te beginnen en voor enkelvoudige sprongen. De support van de schaatsen is 60 dat is de stijfheid van de schoen. 

Voor enkelvoudige sprongen adviseren wij deze schoen en Legacy/Coronation Ace blade.

The RF 3 PRO brings all the features of the RF 1 ELITE model to support young professionals in their professional and physical growth, offering exceptional comfort and high-level performance (triple and double). 


Young athletes will find:

– The exceptional lining that guarantees maximum stability and control of the skate, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to treatment with aloe

– Leather sole with special angled processing that enables skaters to reach very high lateral inclinations; leather has the ability to stop vibrations being transmitted to the foot and simultaneously to ensure perfect control

– Maximum comfort thanks to the anatomical profile, the ultra-padded collar and the possibility of achieving perfect customisation via thermoforming

– The special lacing system, made with reinforced eyelets, holes and hooks, allows multi-adjustable lacing at different points of the foot and ankle

– Excellent support thanks to lateral reinforcements (60)



White, available in C, B and AA widths and sizes 200–280


Black, available in C widths and sizes 230–305



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